The Ultimate Guide: How Much Does A British Shorthair Cost?

Last Updated on April 8, 2023

British shorthair and long-haired breeds are some of the most popular breeds of cats and dogs. But they come at a price.

If you are looking for a new companion for your family, you’ll need to know what you’re going to be looking at financially.

While some people might be able to afford a high-end or luxury pet, some people might not. This blog will break down what you can expect to pay for a British Shorthair. We’ll also look at “How Much Does A British Shorthair Cost?”

There are many different breeds of dogs available for people to adopt, but a British Shorthair remains to be one of the most popular. Furthermore, British Shorthair cats are also receiving a lot of attention with their unique looks.

They are sometimes called cat-haired dogs. British Shorthair is the most popular breed of dog in the United Kingdom. The British Shorthair is laid back and easy-going temperamentally.

They are friendly, loyal, and very social. If you’re thinking about purchasing a British Shorthair and wanting the cat adoption, this is your blog post.

How Much Does A British Shorthair Cost


The national cat of the British Isles is the British Shorthair, sometimes known as the English Cat or simply the “Brit.” This breed, which should look “cobby” or chubby, is small, robust, and muscular.

The British Shorthair has large, rounded paws, short, muscular legs, and a broad chest. Its tail is plush but not fluffy, with a thick base and a spherical tip.

The size difference between the genders is nearly usually noticeable, and in British Shorthairs more so than in the majority of other domestic breeds.

Another gender-specific characteristic is the development of large fat cheeks, or jowls, in mature males as opposed to females.

The British Shorthair, or “Brit,” as it is frequently known, is a laid-back, perceptive, and amiable breed. It has been characterized as serene, forgiving, and predictable.

The British Shorthair makes for excellent, loyal, and undemanding family members thanks to its sweet and gentle demeanor.

They are able to live comfortably in a house, farm, city, or estate. These cats are not pushy or loud, but they enjoy and accept affection when given to them.

Children and Other Pets

This calm cat gets along nicely with both dogs and households with young children and pets who are also cats. He is patient with clumsy toddlers and enjoys the attention he gets from kids who treat him with respect.

Children should be watched and taught proper cat petting techniques. Have them sit on the floor and pet the cat rather than carrying or holding it. His equilibrium won’t be disturbed by other cats.

Always introduce any pets—even other cats—slowly and in a controlled environment for optimal success.

The Average Price: How Much Does A British Shorthair Cost?

Cats are among the most popular pets today. There are many different kinds of cats, and most of them have different personalities.

Most cats like to play and be cuddled. Some cats, however, prefer to be alone. Most cats are independent and don’t mind being left alone for extended periods of time.

If you want to adopt a cat, you can do this through an animal shelter or rescue group. Shelters usually need cats that will make good pets. Some shelters, though, prefer cats that will not get along with other cats.

Before adopting a cat, it is important to meet with the adoption counselor. They can give you information about the cat’s background and temperament. But the concern is, how much does a British shorthair cost?

Typically, a British Shorthair costs between $1,500 and $2,400. According to criteria like demand, coat color, and breeder repute, this can differ from one breeder to the next. The cost of British Shorthair cats for exhibitions is significantly greater, ranging from $2,200 to $3,000.

Because British Shorthair cats are so widespread, rarity is not a problem. In fact, because of their popularity among pet owners, there is a great demand for them, which drives up the price.

Generally, the British Shorthair’s cost is influenced by age and quality. Additionally, British Shorthairs are registered as pets, and those that follow the breed standard are unquestionably more expensive than house cats.

However, senior or retired British Shorthair cats are less expensive than kittens purchased from reputable breeders.

Factors Affecting the Price of a British Shorthair Kitten

As previously said, the British Shorthair pricing is high, and this is due to factors more than only its unique qualities.

It is important to understand how their selling price is determined so that you are not duped or persuaded by unprofessional breeders who offer them at exorbitant prices. The main elements that influence the cost of British Shorthairs are listed in detail below:

Breeder’s Reputation

The price of kittens is often higher for well-established and well-recognized breeders than for newcomers to the industry.

Because they spent years perfecting the breeding process, you can be confident that they will provide you with high-quality British Shorthair kittens. In contrast to most unregistered breeders, their reputation speaks for their pricing.


British Shorthair kittens cost more than adult versions. In addition to the fact that kittens are considerably simpler to teach, most owners like to watch their pets grow up in their care. Because some goo breeders profit from this, their cat litter is more expensive.


A British Shorthair kitten with a top-notch pedigree unquestionably has the best disposition, physical characteristics, and overall health.

Given that companionship kitties follow the breed standard, a champion bloodline kitten’s price would unquestionably be more than those of companionship kittens.

Health examinations and genetic abnormalities tests

Reputable breeders will stretch their financial resources to ensure their British Shorthairs’ physical well-being to maintain good breeding standards. Due to this, they must pay for veterinary appointments, vaccinations, and costly tests for hip dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, and other conditions.


Responsible breeders list their British Shorthairs on cat registries like the International Cat Association and the Cat Fanciers Association Inc. The fact that the cost of registration is frequently added to the final price of the cat makes British Shorthair cats pricey.

In addition to the previously mentioned elements, a few small costs may marginally impact the cost of a British Shorthair. It covers the cost of registration, delivery, and the breeder’s location’s present economic status.

Initial Supplies for a British Shorthair Cat Cost

Along with the British Shorthair cost, you should get your cat’s necessary supplies and accessories ready, so it can settle into its new home. The first equipment a British Shorthair cat needs upon moving into your house is as follows:

The Scratching Post and Toys

The majority of breeders advise getting your baby British Shorthair some toys to keep them occupied and help them burn off some pent-up energy. A few examples of these toys are yarn, toy mouse, cat tree, laser pointer, and stuffed animal.

Since a robust scratching post serves the same purpose as toys, it would also be advantageous. You would often have to pay $15 to $70 for these.

Essentials of grooming

The British Shorthair cat might benefit from grooming even if it self-cleans like other cats. As a result, you would need to buy some necessities like toothpaste, a toothbrush, nail clippers, and brushes. The total cost of these things ranges from $25 to $35.

Cat Bed And Carrier

Your British Shorthair cat will sleep most of the time, much like other cat breeds. You may get a cat bed for around $15 to $35 to provide it with a cozy place to rest. However, If you wish to travel with your purebred cats, you must purchase a carrier.

But if you travel abroad, this will likely be very helpful. Depending on how much your British Shorthair cat weighs, carriers can cost anywhere from $20 to $60.

Litter Box And Sand

Toilet training requires a reliable litter box, especially for indoor cats like the British Shorthair. Costs for high-quality litter boxes typically range from $20 to $160, though the exact range will depend on the size of the litter.

However, the litter box and the litter Sand go together. British Shorthairs utilize this to bury their waste, and it is either constructed of real sand or recycled materials. Litter sand often costs $15 to $25 each pack.

Food and Treats

British Shorthair cats require a steady diet of nutrients. Giving cats wet food, snacks, and quality cat food is therefore essential for their growth. These necessities for your British Shorthair might run you anything from $20 to $50.

In the event that the brands you find are too expensive, you might contact your British shorthair breeder for recommendations on less expensive brands.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our blog on “how much does a British Shorthair cost?” Having a Shorthair like Sugar Puff may be quite expensive, but it’s worth the price. While there are many other breeds, the British Shorthair breed is perfect for those who need a close companion.

With our blog, we shared some extra information about Shorthair cats. Finding your dream dog can be difficult, so we hope this blog post has helped you find your new best friend! Thank you for reading. We hope to hear from you soon!


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