Do Bernedoodles Like To Swim?

Last Updated on August 23, 2023

A well-liked hybrid breed called a Bernedoodle combines the greatest qualities of both Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Due to their amiable attitude and hypoallergenic coat, these cute and lovable dogs have acquired a sizable following.

Prospective Bernedoodle owners frequently ask if these adorable canines have a natural fondness for water. Most dog breeds don’t love the water, and they avoid swimming.

So it is still a question: Do Bernedoodles like to swim or don’t like to swim? Many bernedoodles love water and like to stay around water. But keeping them away from water for a long time will scare bernedoodle to swim. 

Do Bernedoodles Like To Swim

Do Bernedoodles like to swim?

Bernedoodles can swim in the water, depending on their parental genes and breed traits. It is crucial to look at the traits of the parent breeds of a Bernedoodle to comprehend its propensity for swimming. There are two breeds; the poodle and the Bernese mountain.

While Bernese Mountain Dogs are well known for their working ancestry, which includes pulling carts and laboring on farms, Poodles have a history of being water retrievers. Hunters use these water retrievers for hunting. They are afraid of water and can’t swim in the shallow water.

Bernedoodles are generally predisposed to like activities that include water because of this mix of characteristics. bernedoodles like water but don’t like staying in water for long. Training your bernedoodles dog to water is not easy.

They can learn to swim and enjoy swimming if you let your dog be exposed to water at an earlier age. Then they will surely love being in the water. 

How Can You Introduce Your Bernedoodle to the Water?

It is superb that you need to acquaint your Bernedoodle with the water. Bernedoodles can swim, and you can make it easy for them. Making this experience agreeable and positive towards water for your fuzzy friend is significant.

The owner of dogs must take to the water well. The following are a couple of tips to assist you in introducing water from an early age. 

Start in deep water and a calm area

Acquainting your Bernedoodle’dog, including a poodle and a Bernese mountain with water, positively and steadily is pivotal. The Bernese mountain and poodle don’t like water and hate water from entering.

Some dogs are born swimmers who learn to swim quickly due to their love for water. Start by tracking down a quiet shallow waterway, such as a youngster87 pool or a quiet lake.

Urge your Bernedoodle to move toward the water at its speed, utilizing treats, toys, and acclaim to make a positive relationship with the water. It will help you to develop the love of water in a bernedoodle dog, and he will feel comfortable in the water. 

Use a Life Jacket

Even if your Bernedoodle is a natural swimmer, getting a properly fitting dog life jacket is always smart. You may feel secure knowing that your pet is safe and buoyant while they explore the water. Usually, the mini dog’s instinct and love to swim are less.

During the first few swimming classes, let your Bernedoodle wear the jacket to assist in developing their comfort and confidence in the water. 

If you want your bernedoodles to enjoy swimming, a beautiful coat must be a part of the training session. It will make them more social and warm in winter. It will help bernedoodles to swim confidently. 

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Use positive reinforcement

Take some of your Bernedoodle favourite treats or toys with you. These can be used as incentives to encourage swimmers to approach and take to the water. The link with a few inches of water will be made for the better.

If you want your Bernese mountain poodle to swim, use examples of other dogs while swimming. It will provoke Bernese mountain poo to swim or at least develop an interest in and love of the water. 

Gradual Submersion

It’s time to gently acclimatize your Bernedoodle to being immersed once they feel at ease around water. Start by luring them with snacks or toys at the water’s edge, then gradually move the prize deeper. They will feel more comfortable due to being encouraged to delve further. 

As your Bernedoodle begins to wade into deeper water. It provides encouraging direction by remaining nearby and rewarding good behavior. To alleviate any tension or panic they may feel, speak soothingly and uplifting. Make it clear to them that you will look out for and guard them during the entire learning process.

Provide a flotation device

Consider utilizing a canine-specific flotation device if your Bernedoodle’s types lacks swimming confidence.

They will receive additional assistance from this, which will help them to be comfortable with water. They will love playing in the water like they love to jump into the water. 

Be patient and encouraging

Because every dog is unique, it’s crucial to have patience and understanding during the process. Never push your Bernedoodle into the water if it appears fearful or reluctant; encourage it with kind words and actions. Don’t push your mountain dog and poodle to enjoy the water. 

Teach Proper Technique

Although most bernedoodles are instinctive to swim, they feel reluctant due to large bodies of water. You must help your bernedoodle with exposure to water. It is necessary for a mountain dog and a poodle to learn how to swim.

When your Bernedoodle feels at ease in the water, it’s time to introduce basic water and swimming techniques. Encourage adult dogs to paddle with all four legs extended and show them how to do it.

Holding their hind legs while assisting them in kicking will also help you gently direct their motions. Training and practice make the thing perfect. If you want your dog to swim, then train him. He will not be scared of the water when he learns to swim. 

How to Keep My Bernese’s Ears Safe While Swimming?

The whole health and well-being of your Bernedoodle to water depends on keeping their ears secure while swimming. The water should not enter inside of the ear.

Responsible dog owners must take the required steps to avoid any ear issues that might result from swimming. Here are some advice from experts on how to protect your pet’s ears when swimming:

Regularly clean their ears

Cleaning your dog’s ears correctly is essential before and after swimming. If your veterinarian suggests mild ear cleaning, use it as directed. By avoiding any dirt, debris, or water from becoming stuck in the ear canal, infections are less likely to occur it is necessary to avoid overexertion and overheating as if you take your bernedoodle to the lake; it may catch any injury. Overheating is the biggest reason behind the ear infection. 

Use ear protection

If you have a dog like a mountain dog or a poodle, you might want to use ear protection like dog-specific ear wipes or ear drying products. By absorbing extra moisture, these items also assist in keeping the ear canal dry.

When using these goods, adhere to the manufacturer’s directions. It will protect water from entering the ear. It will provide water safety and help train your bernedoodle, who may not like to swim in water due to fear. 

Avoid excessive water exposure

Although your Bernedoodle enjoys being in the water and benefits from swimming for exercise, keeping them out as much as possible is crucial. They are considered as bred to be water.

The mountain dog and a poodle’s first encounter with water should be good. They are instinct to swim. Long swimming sessions or prolonged head submersion of bernedoodles might increase the likelihood that water will enter their ears.

So you will need some care while taking your bernedoodle to swim. Allowing breeds to be in the water during swimming sessions is better so their ears can dry up. 

Monitor for symptoms

Analyze any indications of ear issues in the Bernese mountain poodle carefully after swimming. A redness, excessive scratching, head shaking, or offensive odours should be on your watch. Immediately contact your veterinarian for additional testing and care if you experience any of these symptoms.

It is also important to take your dog to fresh water as fresh water is a safe thing for them, and it is free from harmful chemicals. This water can help them to stay healthy. There will likely be less chance of getting an infection. 


Bernedoodles are the prettiest breed of dogs. They have unique qualities that make them more lovely for the owners. Most of the people ask if bernedoodles swim or if they like swimming.

The simple answer to this question is yes. But only a few breeds, like swimming and others like poodle and Bernese mountain, are scared of water. But don’t worry, you can teach your dogs how to swim, especially if your bernedoodle doesn’t like water.

Your bernedoodles need training to get into the water easily. There are a few things to keep in mind, and after that, I guarantee that your bernedoodle will feel comfortable with the water.

Bernedoodle will love water and learn swimming as well after this. Remember to wear these jackets because if the water gets inside the ear, it will cause infection. 


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