Adopting a Border Collie: How Much Does A Border Collie Cost?


For all those people who love border collies, this blog post is going to be a joy. If you’re looking to adopt a border collie or are looking to buy one, it’s always a good idea to do your research upfront. You can find out what size a typical dog is, its costs, and its potential returns.

Dog breeds come in a wide variety of prices. There is no set price for any dog because it is dependent on its individual features, history, and other factors. It is a function of supply versus demand which results in the price of certain breeds rising. This blog looks at “how much does a border collie cost?”

Pets are one of the few things that can make our lives infinitely better. But sometimes it can be hard to decide which one to get. Border Collies have been one of the most popular breeds of dogs for a very long time. They are usually one of the most expensive dogs.

They are expensive due to the amount of time and energy that goes into breeding, training, and caring for these dogs. Border collies are also smart and athletic. They are also a popular breed due to how easy their training is.

How Much Does A Border Collie Cost


This medium-sized, well-boned dog combines grace, agility, solidity, and stamina. It is somewhat longer than it is tall. It moves with strength and subtlety in a fluid, relentless trot that covers a lot of ground. It has the capacity to alter speed and direction abruptly.

Border collies must have extraordinary agility, even after working for extended periods of time. Both smooth and rough coats are possible. The rough coat is medium to long in length and has a flat to slightly wavy texture, whereas the smooth coat is short all over the body. Its expression, which is a mirror of its nature, is thoughtful, vigilant, eager, and full of interest.

A bundle of cerebral and physical energy, the Border Collie, is just ready to be let loose on the world. Even though it is one of the most intelligent and obedient breeds, if it is not given a hard task to complete each day, it makes a terrible house dog.

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If given enough exercise, it is a faithful and devoted friend. It tends to stare and is focused on whatever it is doing, which can be alarming to other animals. It enjoys pursuing other animals as well. It is wary of outsiders, even protecting them.


The Border in “Border Collie” refers to the breed’s ancestors who lived on the Scottish and English borders. The first sheepdog competitions were organized in Britain in 1873 to evaluate several sheepherding breeds with various physical and behavioral traits. One of the competitors, Hemp, impressed everyone by being able to control sheep more effectively through his focused look than through continual barking. Hemp went on to father numerous puppies and is credited with creating the modern Border Collie.

The first Border Collie standard, which prioritized behavior over beauty, was written in 1906. In the 20th century, border collies were transported to America, where they quickly gained popularity as working dogs and companions. Thanks to their speed and endurance, they are top competitors in dog sports like Flyball and Frisbee. Famous Border Collies include Rico, a Border Collie who was taught to recognize over 250 objects by name, and the main character from “Nop’s Trials.”

The Average Price of A Border Collie: How Much Does A Border Collie Cost?

A trustworthy dog owner will charge between $700 and $1,500 for a Border Collie puppy. A Border Collie puppy of the highest caliber can cost up to $3,500. The price varies depending on the dog’s age, gender, pedigree, and breeder.

The price might increase to $4,500 if the puppy comes from a champion bloodline and upholds the Border Collie pedigree standard. It has a somewhat high price tag compared to most other dog breeds.

Owning a Border Collie should be ideal and convenient for you, whether you are a first-time pet parent or not because they are quite simple to train. But you are expected to pay $7,500 if you want to purchase a well-trained premium Border Collie.

Cost-Relating Factors for Border Collie Puppies

A Border Collie puppy is a lifestyle and monetary decision. A variety of factors influence the typical Border Collie pricing. Therefore it’s crucial to conduct preliminary research.

The following are the main elements influencing a Border Collie puppy’s price:

Socialization and Instruction

The breed’s price rises if a Border Collie puppy is socialized and trained. Breeders frequently charge more for a trained puppy that is 12 weeks old, while the price range for worker dogs depends on how long they have been trained and whether they still need additional training.

Registering Documents And Pet Insurance

Suppose a Border Collie is registered with kennel organizations like the American Kennel Club (AKC), American Border Collie Association (ABCA), or Border Collie Society of America. In that case, the cost of the dog will go up (BCSA). Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) certificates, DNA tests, and similar things are included with registered dogs. You can access the organization’s network and services as a member of the kennel clubs.

Medical Coverage

All respectable breeders will provide a current copy of each dog’s medical records. In addition to this assurance, their breeding dogs undergo various medical tests for various health issues. The expense is increased, but the likelihood of obtaining an unwell dog is decreased. As a result, they must pay for veterinary visits, vaccinations, and expensive tests for hip dysplasia, polycystic kidney disease, and other conditions.


Purebred Border Collie puppies typically cost more than mixed dog breed puppies. And the price will be significantly greater if the dog comes from a champion lineage. It ensures that the Border Collie puppy exhibits the best characteristics of the breed.

Breeder’s Reputation

Reputable breeders charge more for their Border Collie puppies because they spend a lot of money, time, and effort to ensure that the dog is healthy before going to a new home. Nowadays, there are many breeders to choose from, making it difficult to identify a trustworthy Border Collie breeder.


Since most people prefer to get their dogs while they are younger, Border Collies are typically more expensive as puppies than as adults or senior pets. Additionally, they must pay for more expenses like immunizations. However, you can choose an older Border Collie if you are hesitant about the added cost.


Due to their ability to reproduce, female Border Collies are frequently marked up by 10% to 20% and cost more than male puppies. Male Border Collie puppies may cost more if they enter exhibitions and competitions. It’s a good idea to consider which gender best fits your needs and preferences before purchasing a Border Collie.


If you are picky about a Border Collie’s color, keep in mind that the price may go up if the fashion and demand for a particular coat color increase. Border Collies with unusual coat colors and markings typically command higher market prices, though these patterns can change fast.

Although the above list might seem daunting, there are other factors involved in the cost of a Border Collie puppy. Additionally, it requires a commitment on your part to give your dog the proper care.

Additionally, several of the list’s elements, including socialization and training, are good for your dog’s general well-being. Your dog’s life will be improved by enrolling in canine obedience training programs, search and rescue courses, group dog training, dog food training, and other skill-building activities.

Final Remarks

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on “how much does a border collie cost?” We know plenty of people like to buy a border collie. That being said, we want to clarify that some people are better suited to buy a border collie than others.

For example, if you have a small house, a border collie would not be the best choice for you. Additionally, a border collie would not be your best bet if you have a lot of outside time. One of the things we love about our blog is that we provide as much information as possible to ensure that people are able to make the best choice for them.

Thank you for reading. We hope we were able to provide some helpful information!

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