Axolotls Cost on Average: How Much Does A Axolotl Cost?

Last Updated on April 8, 2023

Searching for a distinctive exotic pet? Axolotls are a sure bet, always! In addition to their adorable looks, they can remarkably regrow a bodily component!

Axolotl costs vary widely depending on the rarity of their color and age, despite the fact that you could assume that since they are exotics, they are all pricey.

While some of these cute water salamander mutations are reasonably priced, some are really pricey. Want to know more about the costs of axolotls? This blog will explore how much does an axolotl cost?

An axolotl is one of the more reasonably priced exotic pets you may own. They have unwavering smiles on their faces, which makes them exceedingly adorable. These amphibians are also rather simple to maintain, which contributes to their popularity as pets.

The cost to start growing an axolotl is relatively modest, but you’ll still need to set aside enough money to buy your pet, its tank, accessories, food, and other supplies.

How Much Does A Axolotl Cost


Before we get any deeper, let’s quickly recap what axolotls are and how they vary from other salamanders. Amphibians are axolotls. They do spend the majority of their life underwater, unlike salamanders, though.

They can grow up to a foot in length and are related to Tiger salamanders (quite huge for salamanders). Usually, they are a mottled shade of black and brown.

Albino and Leucistic axolotls, on the other hand, can be translucent white with dazzling gold flecks and scarlet or pink feathery gills in some rare and expensive kinds.

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Most people think that they are really ugly, but the truth is that they are very cute. Many people like to keep them as pets because they are easy to take care of. People usually just feed them with some type of food.

They also keep them in a small tank where they can breathe through their gills. Usually, you can buy them at a store.

They are inexpensive, but you will need to spend little money to buy all the necessary supplies. If you want to buy them, you should look at the aquariums.

You will be able to find an aquarium online or at a store. You can check the aquarium for size, quality, and any other details.

How Much Does A Axolotl Cost? (Discussed)

The majority of axolotl species are generally thought to be affordable. Axolotls in good health can cost between $40 and $100 and come in both common and unusual colorations.

Axolotls with distinctive pigmentations, on the other hand, can range in price from $200 to $1,500, depending on how uncommon the morph is.

Based on their colors or morphs, axolotls or Mexican walking fish can be divided into three categories: common (basic), uncommon (special), and rare.

To be clear, they are not a fish species. Because they are more readily available on the market, common coloring axolotls are typically less expensive than other axolotl variants.

They are either leucistic, speckled leucistic, white albino, or wild in color. On the other hand, unusual axolotl morphs are not given the designation “special” by accident. These variants of axolotl have remarkable and distinctive body coloration.

Some of them have the ability to shine at night. The golden albino, green fluorescent protein, black melanoid, strongly marked melanoid, and copper melanoid are a few examples of these axolotl variants.

The rare morphs are the most expensive of the three categories. Due to their extreme scarcity, unusual axolotls can sell for up to $1,000. Some are virtually impossible to find since they are so rare that no one wants to buy them. Enigma, mosaic, and chimera axolotls are a few of these incredibly uncommon morphs.

Factors Affecting an Axolotl’s Price

The cost of an axolotl is often low. The majority of variations of this Mexican walking salamander are under $100. However, a number of things could have a direct impact on how much they are advertised:


It is the main factor that determines the price of an axolotl. The older the axolotl is, the more valuable it becomes. It is because older individuals are usually more difficult to find. In addition, axolotls grow slowly, and it takes a long time for them to mature.

Since they are slow-growing animals, they need a lot of care. For example, when they reach six months of age, they begin to eat a diet rich in meat and vegetables.

Some breeders feed their axolotls specially formulated diets in order to increase their growth rate. A high-quality axolotl has a long and thin body with dark-colored scales.

The Uniqueness of Color/Morph

It means that the axolotl is unique. Each species of the axolotl is different from all other species of axolotls.

Each axolotl is entirely unique, and they have no genetic similarities among them. It grows quickly and is easy to find because its color changes as it matures.

These are the reasons why you can buy different types of axolotls. The price you pay for an axolotl can range anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars. The price is affected by how much you want the axolotl, size, coloration, and health.

Axolotl populations are declining. In order to protect the axolotl population, it is necessary to monitor their habitat and water quality.

Health Status

Axolotls in good health are, of course, more expensive than those who are not. Prior to making a purchase, you should make sure to ascertain the axolotl’s health status.

Expect the feeding expense of juvenile axolotls to decrease as they become older because they eat more frequently than adults do. The first cost of the food will probably range between $10 and $20.

Additionally, axolotl prices may differ amongst breeders. In accordance with their reputation and the level of market competitiveness, some may charge more than others. If you look hard enough, you can come across a reliable breeder who offers high-quality axolotls at a discount.

Find out if keeping an axolotl as a pet is permitted in your state or neighborhood before investing in one. Axolotl ownership is prohibited in some areas of the United States, including California, Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia.

New Mexicans can own axolotls but cannot import them from other states. Axolotls are illegal in various states for two main reasons, which are covered below:

To prevent the Destruction Of Our Natural Ecology

Due to the potential harm, they could cause to our natural ecosystems, some jurisdictions have made it illegal to keep axolotls.

Unintentional or inadvertent releases of axolotls into the wild run the risk of interfering with the normal movement of wildlife.

They might spread and prey on other species, including smaller animals. Harm to the natural environment could potentially come from interbreeding with native salamanders.

Axolotls are a Threatened Species

Axolotls are thought to be severely endangered. Hence several states forbid having them. As a result, owning and killing wild-type axolotls may be against the law.

Whatever the motivation, before approving the laws, each different state unquestionably took animal welfare and the protection of the community into account.

To prevent being charged with a crime, you should get in touch with your local government to find out if keeping an axolotl is permitted where you live.

Cost of Maintaining an Axolotl

After being purchased, an axolotl continues to cost on average. The axolotl tank, accessories, delivery fees, recurring costs, monthly costs, annual costs, and much more are also included in the price.

The monthly costs often cover restocking food supplies, fixing broken things, and going to the vet. Food, veterinary visits, dechlorinators, and many more expenses are included in the annual price. Although the initial cost may be high, it will go down over the coming months.

Additionally, their food costs are far lower than those of other pets. They won’t put you in financial trouble because their needs are similar to any fish.

Worms are typically enough to finish out an axolotl’s diet. It won’t break the pocketbook to feed your axolotl chunks of chicken, pig, or even live brine shrimp because they only consume a small amount of food.

Adult axolotls often only require two to three feedings per week. As a result, you should budget $10 to $20 per month for your axolotl’s food.

Final Remarks on How Much Does A Axolotl Cost?

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on How Much Does A Axolotl Cost? As a pet axolotl owner, you should decide how much your axolotl will cost. Some people like to buy fish from a pet store. Others like to raise their own axolotls.

The process is relatively easy, and they can be fed cheaply. The cost of raising axolotls will depend on whether you buy them from a pet store or raise them yourself. If you buy your axolotls from a pet store, they will likely cost you less than if you raise them yourself.

The difference between the two will depend on how much food you feed them. If you are feeding your axolotl commercially raised foods, you can expect to pay about $30 to $50 per month. Thank you for reading. We would love to hear from you soon!


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