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How Much Does A Blue Macaw Cost? | A Complete Guide for Buyers

Last Updated on April 7, 2023

Blue Macaw is known due to its exceptionally long body. It is also called a hyacinth macaw, measuring up to 100 cm. or 3.3 ft. from its head to the tail.

The Gentle Giant, as it is called, the blue Macaw will donate its proprietor a one of a kind feeling, something that not all pet proprietors can experience.

They need time and attention from their owners. This feathered creature is amazingly exuberant when talking about common behavior and qualities, especially when advertised with sufficient consideration.

Macaw birds can mimic clamors from individuals or anyone else it listens to. For the most part, its life expectancy can reach up to 50 a long time, if not more.

Nevertheless, sometime recently, you’ll consider owning this bright blue colored feathered creature you wish to get to begin with its breeding necessities.

Fair, how much does it genuinely take to have what blue Macaw needs? And how much does a blue macaw cost?

How Much Does A Blue Macaw Cost


Macaw birds are brightly colored and have much more to offer than a fair confrontation; they are full of identity and comical charm.

They are one of the more recognizable feathered creatures worldwide and are exceptional bird pets for individuals who can handle an expansive parrot that requests consideration.

The blue color attracts even more buyers. Because of their high demand worldwide, pet owners tend to start illegal trade around the world.

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But our main concern is how much does a blue macaw cost? Usually, they are so expensive than the other ones. Let’s dig into it.

Macaws’ Typical Qualities

  • The average sized macaw of the mini/compact Macaw species is 15 inches. That is 10 inches at the least and 20 inches at the most.
  • The largest macaws can reach average lengths of 31 inches. There is a 20-inch minimum and a 42-inch maximum for this size.
  • Under ideal conditions, macaws can live up to 40 years on average (30 years Min & 50 years Max).

Macaw History

Within the wild, blue and gold macaws appreciate to a vast extent from Panama in Central America, expanding into nearly every nation of northern South America.

They have also been presented in Puerto Rico. Blue and golds regularly live within the timberlands close to streams and swamps, even though they can be found in a green savannah if it has tall trees.

Hyacinth macaws are substantially large birds than others, so they require cages that are much bigger than typical. Hyacinths also have very strong beaks, so thicker and stronger materials must be used to make large cages.

The most expensive and best-quality option is stainless steel cages. Buying a hyacinth macaw cage will start at around $500, however, this is on the lower end of the price range. You’ll probably spend between $1,000 and $1,500 on the cage.

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Most regularly traveling in sets, macaws will assemble in expansive herds at certain times of the year or will meet up during the morning and evening hours to scrounge for food. Wild blue and gold are endangered species.

Much of their populace decay within the wild has been due to living space annihilation, chasing, and catching.

Tragically, sometimes recently captive breeding programs, these youthful winged creatures were regularly taken from the settlement and sold for pet bird exchange.

Numerous protective guardians kicked the bucket securing their babies, and countless youthful parrots did not survive. Since 1935, the blue and golds have been bred effectively within the U.S. private Breeders are promptly accessible, and their predominance makes them one of the more reasonably expensive parrots.

Macaw Behavior

Their friendliness and sweet mine make blue and gold macaws extraordinary pets. Their insights, readiness to memorize, and talking capacity are a plus. Blue and golds adjust exceptionally well to distinctive individuals and other winged creatures when permitted to socialize with various individuals.

The blue and gold could be incredible feathered creatures for traps. They’re a prevalent headliner when fowl appears, and many proprietors may indeed take them out around town with the assistance of winged creature chains and car seats.

Around the house, these macaws may act like inviting pooches. They appreciate being close to their proprietors and look to our consideration. They are, moreover, substances on their roost, observing the action around them.

However, Blue and Gold Macaws, Greenwing Macaws, Hybrid Macaws, and Scarlet Macaws are some types of macaws.

How Much Does a Blue Macaw Cost?

The price ranges of macaw species are affected by their ages, species, and sizes. They are exotic animals. A scarlet macaw can be a fabulous pet with appropriate care, consideration, way better bolster, and lodging.

Do you have the guts to own a giant parrot by the length of the world? When considering how much does a blue macaw cost? The cost of blue and gold may vary according to age, size, and training.

The nominal cost of a Blue and Gold macaw is about $700 to $1000. However, if the macaw is hand tamed or trained to perform stunts of mimic sounds, it can cost as high as $3000.

Short-Time macaw pricing

Once you choose to buy a Macaw parrot, you must consider the cost of the Macaw and the starting setup costs necessary to guarantee your fowl features a solid, improving life in your home.

There is an assortment of sorts of Macaw, and the higher prices of the bird will depend on the sort you select to buy. You’ll have to investigate the different types of Macaws that are accessible within the pet exchange.


Appropriation could be an outstanding choice when considering any pet. Numerous Macaws have either been surrendered or turned over to protect due to the complexity of their care.

A Macaw may be a duty you’ll handle and afford if you have chosen. Protecting would be a fulfilling choice for both you and your modern Macaw.

Adoption expenses for protected hyacinth macaw prices are almost $400 to $1000. It is often significantly less than in the event that you were to buy straightforwardly from a trustworthy breeder.

Not as it were, would you be giving a cherishing domestic to your feathered creature, but you may be liberating up space for the protection required in another Macaw in require.

Free of Cost

A Macaw is a costly creature to get. A person can’t come over to one that’s free of charge. The likely foremost situation for somebody to be advertised to the bird for not taking a toll up front is on the off chance that the initial proprietor can not bear the responsibility.

If you think of a Macaw free of charge, be sure it’s as if it were a free-winged creature. You’re still committing to forthright setup costs and decades of costs for the specified care over the animal’s lifetime.


On the off chance that you select to buy your Macaw straightforwardly from a breeder, you’ll be able to anticipate a lovely tall cost tag. Macaws are challenging to breed and costly to raise. Breeders foot a very money-related duty in raising these birds. The fetch of your Macaw will depend on the species.

There is an assortment of Macaw for sale available within the pet stores, and you’ll want to make your inquiry about deciding on the foremost congruous sort for you. You’ll anticipate the cost of a Macaw anyplace from $1000 to $18,000 for your feathered creature alone.

Health Care ($50–$400 Each Month)

Monthly healthcare costs for your Macaw can shift significantly. Of course, their nourishment costs are calculated into their general healthcare, which will continuously be an ongoing expense. Macaws require scheduled veterinary health check-ups.

Your veterinarian will perform a physical examination and prepping (snout, nail, or plume trim as needed.) Research facility testing may be required. These check-ups are generally semi annually instead of month to month. These visits are imperative to your Macaw’s well-being.

Food Bowls ($50–$100 Each Month)

You will counsel your veterinarian on appropriate rules for nourishing and caring for your Macaw to guarantee you meet all their wholesome needs.

Typically their slim down is one-third seed blend, one-third pellet slim down, and one-third new natural products and vegetables. Macaws are expansive winged creatures. The highest month-to-month cost will be their nourishment.

Final Thought

Macaws are brilliant, enthusiastic, and dynamic huge fowls requiring an incredible commitment bargain. Choosing to claim a Macaw ought not to be taken lightly.

Not as it were, Macaws are costly to buy, but they are moreover expensive to preserve. How Much Does a Blue Macaw Cost?

You’re looking at thousands of dollars in forthright costs and at least $50 to $100 per month to possess one.

It’s crucial to consider the life changes and be sure your blue feathers companion can remain with you throughout the trip. You’ll have to think about what will happen to your Macaw on the off chance you were to pass away sometime recently.

You ought to guarantee you’ve got the money-related assets to supply a Macaw amid its life expectancy of 35-60 a long time. These creatures are exceptionally touchy. They require your time and consideration.

A Macaw that lives a few decades will be with you through most stages of your life. Thank you for reading. We would love to hear from you!


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