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How To Fix Stunted Hair Growth? Causes And Remedies To Fix The Issue

Stunted hair growth is one of the most significant health issues most women face worldwide. After a certain period, most people face the problem of hair growth.

There are many reasons behind this problem. Are you also one of those who will be bald soon due to stunted hair growth?

But don’t worry; here we have come up with some easy remedies that will help you to know how to fix stunted hair growth.

Hair Cycle

How To Fix Stunted Hair Growth

The hair growth cycle has three parts. You may notice that your hair grows more quickly at certain cycle stages. The hair growth rate is different in different people.

Some hairs grow faster in the anagen phase, while most face stunted hair growth issues in the first phase. The first phase is called the anagen phase, which lasts between 2 and 8 years. 

In pregnant women, hair mostly remains in the first phase. The 2nd phase is the catagen phase; in this phase, hairs grow actively, lasting 4–6 weeks. While the telogen phase is the resting phase, the hair fall rate increases in this phase. Its duration is 2 to 3 months.

The last phase is exogen, in which the hair is expelled from the follicles, and they fall. It is also called the hair loss phase. In this article, we will see the reasons behind the stunted growth of hairs and how we can deal with such hairs.

Causes Of Stunted Hair Growth

Improper Moisturization

To keep the hair smooth and healthy, moisturize your scalp and hair properly. Unmoisturization of the inches leads to dry hair, and then hairs start breakage. Due to regular breakage of the strands, the growth cycle stops, and follicles become thin and weak.

4c hair type dries quickly due to the tightest coils and sebum hardly reaching the ends of the hair shaft due to oily hair. Due to this, there are more chances of stunt hair growth than other types

Hormonal Imbalance

Some hormones in our body are responsible for hair loss and impeding hair growth. Some hormonal issues like PCOS or thyroid problems also lead to hair loss and other hair problems.

Due to alopecia, triangular-shaped hair loss occurs in males. At the same time, PCOS causes male pattern baldness in females.


Age is the most critical factor that affects hair growth in both men and women. With age, most hormones change, resulting in hair loss and stopping growth.

In men, mainly after age 40, hairs start getting thin. In comparison, 85 percent of women face hair loss issues with growing age.  

Excessive Hairstyling

Heat plays a significant role in managing the beauty of natural hair. It provides deep conditioning and keeps the hair healthy and active. It also saves time for styling.

But if you are using blow dryers frequently, it may harm the strands of the hair. It damages the health of the hair and makes them more brittle. It also hurts the curl pattern of the hair and leads to dryness. It is also the reason for impeding hair growth.   

In the same case, the tightest hair binding or styling also causes hair baldness and disturbs natural hair growth.

The constant pulling due to fast binding breaks the hair and damages the bald. It prevents blood flow to the scalp and results in stunning hair growth. 

Often Use Of Hair Dyes

 Dyeing the hair is excellent fun and the best way to express yourself. There are different types of dyes; some are permanent, and some are temporary.

These dyes contain chemicals whose overuse damages the hair. If you are using the coloring agents regularly, they will harm your hair’s natural beauty.

They will make your hair dull and dry. It leads to the breakage of strands and inhibits the growth of the hairs. It is safer to use temporary dyes than chemical dyes, but it takes longer to get the desired color. 

Remedies To Fix The Stunted Hair Growth Issue

Deep Conditioning

For people having the 4c hair type, the best remedy to enhance hair growth is to do deep conditioning. It will not only moisturize the curly hair but also help your hair in regimenting.

It will protect the hair from drying and breaking. After the deep conditioning process, you will get healthy and strong hair.

For healthy hair, it is suggested to use a conditioning process for your hair after every 2 weeks and use the best conditioner for treating your hair. 

Scalp Massage

How To Fix Stunted Hair Growth

Scalp massage is the best remedy for stunted hair growth. It increases the blood flow in the scalp and the hair’s thickness. For conditioning, aloe vera is the best natural hair remedy.

Rosemary oil and caster oil is best to stimulate the growth of hair. Geranium oil is used to promote hair growth and also improves blood circulation. Biotin is the best one for fulfilling the deficiency of biotin.

You can use all these for scalp massage; it is better to use water-based moisturizers for sealing the 4c type hair; you can also look for the aforementioned natural hair oil to seal your hair and protect them from drying. 

Use The Right Shampoo For Your Hair

How To Fix Stunted Hair Growth

Shampoos and conditioning play an essential role in maintaining the hair’s health. If you want to fix stunted hair growth problems, it is suggested to use the right shampoo according to your scalp, skin and hair problem.

Use sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioners for hair. Wash your hair twice a week to remove the grime and dust from the hair. Your hair grows faster after suitable treatment. You can also go for steaming therapy for your hair. 

Take A Balanced Diet

Diet plays a significant role in increasing or impeding the growth of hair. The iron taken in the diet makes the hair strong and healthy. Your hair will tell you what diet you are using because if you take a poor diet, it will result in hair fall or baldness.

For healthy hair, take a balanced diet and have plenty of leafy vegetables, proteins, vitamins, and healthy fats. You can eat salmon, spinach, sweet potatoes, and avocados for healthy hair growth.

Prefer Healthy Hair Styling

It is better to look for fit hair styling for healthy hair and to prevent the impeding process. Don’t tie your hair tight; don’t look for the rugged styling that may pull your hair much, as it is the biggest reason for baldness. Choose the heatless ways and styling to keep your hair healthy such as simple braid or African threading. 

Herbal Remedies And Hair Masks

Herbal remedies and hair masks are the best ones to promote hair growth, and they also help in the hair regimen process.

You can use some herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and peppermint by brewing them into tea or essential oils. The hair masks created are the best for hair growth, nourishing the hair with all the necessary ingredients. 

Trim Your Hair Regularly

For the proper growth of your hair, trimming is essential. Although trimming is not a guarantee that your hair will grow, if you don’t trim your hair regularly, it will stunt the growth of your hair.

Split ends of the hair are challenging for solid and healthy hair. Trimming is the best solution for splitting the ends of the hair. 

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Dry hairs have more chances of breakage, and they fall quickly. It is suggested if your strands are dry, then keep them hydrated with leave-in conditioners.

They keep the hair hydrated and help the comb to pass quickly. Due to leave-in conditioners, the growth rate of the hair increases.

They keep the hair healthy and strong for a long time. You can also use hair serum or gels for this purpose. They lock the water molecules and prevent the hair from drying. 

Hair Transplant

If the remedies are not working on your hair to regimen their natural strength and beauty, and there are patches of baldness on your scalp, you can also go for a hair transplant process. It is the best surgical process that will cover bald spots and help you eliminate this problem.

You can also go for the scalp micro pigmentation process to cover the bald spots, and it will help you to get more even hair than before.


In conclusion, impeding hair growth is the most common issue faced by men and women today. When the rate of breakage or falling hair becomes equal to the growth rate, we cannot feel the growth. There are many reasons behind the stunt hair growth issues; the biggest is dryness.

Multiple causes lead to hair dryness, such as overheating and styling the hair, using sulfate shampoo and those having harsh chemicals, and avoiding using natural essentials. Improper diet is also among these problems.

You can fix the hair growth issue by following the remedies and tips aforementioned. Your hair needs your attention, and by following these tips, you can regime hair growth.

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