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What Color Shoes To Wear With Plum Dress?

When you’re choosing what shoes to wear with your plum dress, it’s important to think about which parts of your outfit the shoes will complement the most.

It’s not always necessary to match the color of your shoes directly to the color of your dress or your purse, but you should be sure that they are on the same color wheel, so to speak.

If you have a bright red dress and decide to wear black shoes with it, this can draw attention away from your pretty outfit and onto your boring footwear!

How To Pick The Perfect Shoes To Wear With Your Plum Dress

If you love wearing plaid and pastels, you are probably in search of the perfect plum dress to wear with your favorite shoes.

Don’t fret! That’s what we’re here for, and we’re going to break down the color wheel to show you how to pick the best shoes to wear with your plum dress based on your skin tone, hair color, eye color, or even personal style.

Follow our guide below and never worry about what shoe colors look best with plum again!

What Color Shoes To Wear With Plum Dress & Outfits

Wearing the right shoes to match your plum dress can make or break your ensemble. Since plum is so popular this season, it’s important to know what shoes will complement it the best before you even get dressed in the morning.

Once you have the plum dress of your dreams, it’s time to figure out which shoes will give it the perfect finishing touch.

If you want to know how to pick the perfect shoes to wear with your plum dress, follow these tips and tricks to nail your outfit from head to toe every single time.

A great way to decide what color shoes to wear with your plum dress is by matching the colors. You want something that complements but is not too matchy-matchy.

For example, if you’re wearing a deep purple color dress, try light pink or dark pink shoes. If you’re wearing a light purple dress, try a darker shade of purple or navy blue shoes.

What Color Shoes for Plum Dresses & Outfits

When trying to figure out what color shoes you should wear with a plum dress, it can be helpful to think about what colors are already in the outfit.

For instance, if you’re wearing a pink skirt and white blouse and want something fun, try navy blue or black heels. If you’re going for a more formal look, try tan or brown flats. You can also just go for whatever color you like!

Plum Dress with Beige Shoes

Beige pump shoes for women

If you’re wearing a plum dress, then you’ll need some shoes to match. Find out what color of shoes will work best with your dress by following these steps: 

If it’s black, then you should wear navy blue or brown. If it’s purple, then you should go for navy blue or deep red.

If it’s dark blue, you can try pastel pink and light green. You can use this information as an additional hint for picking out shoe colors that will match well. If you’re going somewhere more formal like a wedding, then black would be your best bet.

Plum Dress with Light Brown Shoes

Light Brown Shoes for women

Before we get into picking out a color of the shoe, we need to discuss what type of shoe you should be wearing. If you’re wearing a dress, it’s important that you consider the heel height and shape.

For example, if you have a strappy sandal style with some backless coverage, then you can feel free to go ahead and wear any type of heel that flatters your foot.

However, if you have an ankle strap style or any other high-heeled sandal design, then it would be best to stick with a more conservative shoe like a loafer or pump style. You may also want to add nude-colored tights in order to give yourself some extra coverage.

Plum Dress with Clear Heels 

Clear Heels shoes for women

Plum dresses are a sophisticated choice for a date night out. They tend to be in a darker hue and can be worn with anything from black lace-up heels to nude peep-toe pumps. The only catch is that plum dresses are notoriously difficult to match shoes with.

Here’s how you can find the perfect pair of color shoes to wear with your plum dress. Wear what you love this is an outfit idea, so you should feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

If wearing heels makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it! Opt for flats or wedges instead.

Plum Dress with Navy & Blue Shoes 

What Color Shoes To Wear With Plum Dress

You may want to avoid wearing black or brown shoes because they will blend in too much and not stand out against the dark background of your plum dress.

If you want to match your dark wear with purple dresses, you may want to try on a pair of navy blue or light purple heels for size. 

Pairing these colors will make them pop against the dark color of your skirt, and it might be eye-catching enough that people don’t notice what color shirt you are wearing!

Plum Dress with Blush Pink Shoes

What Color Shoes To Wear With Plum Dress

There are a few factors you should consider when picking out the right shoe color for your outfit. First, make sure that the color of your shoes matches well with whatever color it is in the rest of your outfit. In this case, blush pink is a great choice because it complements both green and purple hues.

Second, make sure that you don’t have too many colors in one outfit. A third factor is to choose an appropriate height heel for how formal or informal you need to be for the occasion.

If you’re looking for something very casual and low-key, then flats may be a better option than heels. Lastly, make sure that you like what you’re wearing!

Plum Dress With White Shoes 

What Color Shoes To Wear With Plum Dress

What color shoes should I wear with a plum dress? This can be a tough decision, but here are some things you might want to keep in mind.

First, think about what you want the overall effect of wearing these two colors together to be. Do you want it to look like you are going for a more formal look or do you just want a pop of color?

Secondly, consider what other pieces in your outfit will be worn and what color they are.

For example, if you plan on wearing black pants and white heels, then it might make sense for you to go for an off-white or cream shoe instead.

Plum Dress With Black Shoes

What Color Shoes To Wear With Plum Dress

A great way to decide what color shoes to wear with plum dress is by matching them with other colors in the outfit.

For example, if you’re wearing a gold necklace, then gold shoes will make sense. If you’re not wearing much jewelry, then it might be better for you to go for a different type of color that matches more closely.

Keep in mind that dark colors like black and navy are always safe options because they match almost everything. Plus, it’s easy to add or take away accessories so you can change up your look as often as you want!

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Plum Dress With Gold Shoes 

What Color Shoes To Wear With Plum Dress

What color shoes should you wear with your plum dress? Your options will be determined by what colors are in the dress, which can determine what colors go well together.

For example, if you’re wearing a red plaid dress, gold or silver would look best; if you’re wearing a black and white striped shirtdress, blue would look good.

If there’s no specific color in the outfit that stands out, then choose a neutral colors shoe that matches the skin tone of whoever is wearing it.

Plum Dress with Silver Shoes 

Silver pump shoes for women

What color of shoes should I wear with my plum dress? It depends on the color of your skin and hair, but there are a few that look great on everyone.

For example, silver is a color that matches well with most colors, so if you have white hair or fair skin this would be an excellent choice.

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Alternatively, if you have dark skin or black hair, gold is a good option as it’s often complementary.

Plum Dress with Purple shoes

Purple pump shoes for women

Purple is a lovely color, but what color should you wear if you’re trying to match it? While it’s not an easy task, there are some ways that might help. First, think about what colors are in the rest of your outfit.

If you’re wearing any shades of purple, then it’s a good idea to stick with those colors when choosing what shoes to wear.

If not and you have a lot of different colors in your outfit, then go for something darker like black or brown.

You may also want to try coordinating your shoe color with other items in your outfit such as a handbag or earrings if possible.

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What Accessories Does Best With Purple Outfits And Dresses?

People often wonder what color shoes they should wear with a purple outfit or dress. You can’t go wrong if you stick to the same color family and opt for a shade that is lighter than your outfit.

If you’re wearing a dark purple dress it’s best to avoid black and instead try a deep purple or navy blue shoe. If you’re wearing light lavender, then red, pink, or fuchsia will work well for you. 

Pink has always been in fashion and is a classic choice when it comes to pairing clothes together. It’s a vibrant color that goes well with many different shades of purple and also pops on any skin tone.

Is There A Shoe Color That Goes Well With Bridesmaid Dresses?

The color of shoes you’ll want will depend on what type of dress or dress you’re wearing. For example, if you’re wearing a black pencil skirt and a purple blouse, the best color for shoes is black.

If it’s a red wine-colored skirt and a purple blouse, try brown. If it’s an off-the-shoulder fuchsia top and a navy blue pencil skirt, go for silver. And so on…

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When picking out what color shoes to wear with plum dresses, it is important that you take into account the color of the outfit.

For example, if you are wearing a black or brown plaid skirt, you could get away with wearing just about any shoe as long as it is not bright or loud.

On the other hand, if you are wearing a light pink shirt and dark blue jeans, then you should stick to black or brown shoes for contrast.

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